Dont mind the rain, 
I Promise myself, promise,
I won’t Ever try it again. 
I lost Myself and I thought
I would fade away,
 I thought I would
be free, just release
Ashes in late summer breeze. 

quiet, be quiet I try to find
some answers, close the door,
kept my sorrow close,
please come closer,
solo piano in my ears, 
I tried for so long to 
hold back my tears.

changes came rushing, 
I tried to wash away my filth,
I tried to get rid of my guilt
I waited for the mountains,
over me crush, and my heart
crushing in my chest, 
I had a hunger I had a thirst,

but wait, I leave you, first,
I need to find myself, 
jesus fucking christ I could 
never imagined this, 
singel piano reaching my ears,
I tried my best, my very best,
to hold back my tears.

I know deep down, 
this will be disappear
in a few years,
 I hear my own voice,
you can control your way of
looking at the world, you always have
 a choice.

sometimes I feel like a passenger 
in my own dreams, 
sometimes I wish my soul was,
flawless and clean,
I  am just another heartbeat in 
this neverending space, 
I am just another hunter, 
for some happiness,

I wish to receive your love
someday, I know that you can,
convince me that this is real, 
I know deep down I can reach
after your hand.
with you by my side I may not
drown in my mind, my own 

maybe this story has already 
been told, that fairy tale, with
knights, shining bright and bold,
kings and queens, broken hearts,
and crushed dreams.
how I wish that my soul could be,
flawless and clean.

will you stick around, will you
hear my voice, will you stay 
with me, tell me its okey, 
will you stay so that I won’t 
have to be afraid you walk away,
I wish that you’ll always be my 
someday I might for you confess,
single piano in my ears, 
perhaps some day I will have
the courage to, 
let you see me in tears.