Midnight city lights

You may not see it perfectly clear, but its down there. Just like hope and light out from darkness. I hope to sleep soon. But cant force My body to do it. My mind is tired. 

Cloudy outside now. So I stayed inside, hiding from the rain and wind. The city wind is not mercyful at all. Cant Ever learn to endure. All it does is making my mind bleed. 

Outside there were people taking care of summer season of different plants and honey from the bees. Tomorrow I need to confront the early bird cold, but have the luck of hearing the spring birds singing in the trees. 

Sleep is a gift and a blessing, you only see the true value when you're not able to do so. I know I can manage to confront the day anyhow, but prefer not to endure on of those days tomorrow. 

I feel like I can do anything right now. Anything I want to do. And I Will. The sun is rising early and goes to sleep late now. The darkness Will stay away until fall. I will give away a smile or plenty, just for My own sake. Embrace the light in My chest. 

So I will Write, sing and draw the beatiful human body on paper, or nature and other motive. 
I know I need to learn how to carry darkness when it arrive. I have to realize that I cannot run away from it every time. Its a heavy process to learn but its the part of growing as a human being. 

Violence and peace, anger and joy, sailers and the sea. You only need balance, patience and be stubborn to manage. So what Im sometimes a mess, everyone have those periods. So what I have some kind of illness, every one got cracks in their wood.

Words and colours are part of my healing process. And both loneliness, and social life. Again, balance. Give it a chanse and dont be afraid. I've been for too long, against My body and my mind. 


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