Our society shall protect us from danger, 
our world is ruled by rules.
Free your mind, dont give
your enemies too many clues.
Keep an open mind, 
but beware of strangers.
Let go of your fears, 
but never stay weak,
or let them see you in tears. 

Keep track of your age, 
express all your energy on stage. 
Arrive on time, dont be late.
This is the time of pretending,
freedom of speach, 
you can say what you want, 
but not too loud.

You can shout out your message,
you can try to reach the mass,
sit quiet in class.

Time goes by and you meet friends,
and say good bye.
You celebrate new lives, 
and watch people die.

You laugh safetly in your crowd,
Say what you want but 
not too loud.
Toss your hair, put lipstick on.
But if they scare you, 
run as fast as you can.

So I ran, and ran, and ran.
But I keep on flying, 
never for too long touch land.
This fancy perfume with the
fancy brand. 
I rather smell like the ocean and the sand.
Swim, swim as far out as you can,
the waves wanted me to turn back.
What is it with My heart,
why dont I know what I lack.
I tried to smile, but could not hold My tears back. 

I am made of water, Wood and fire.
I cant control My hunger My desire.
Bring me forward I have something to say, 
Stay out of My way, 
I'll arrive whenever I want, 
and even if I know I cant,
At least I'll try,
Try my best before I die



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