lonesome hour and my head
stuck between reality
and my bed,
rainy day I want the comfort
of something you once
I want to hold something
you once made. 
So close to heavens gates,
never came any closer, 
than the distance between,
days hours and weeks, 
some kind of answer
you'll always seek.


shape of human body, 
You should hide yourself,
get lost and turn the other
Let the world decide, 
how much or how little,
you can shine you can
tell all my secrets, to
somebody who turn
the other way, because,
I cant decide what love
really is,
what love is all about.
step forward, raise your hands
I am the robber
I turn everything,
upside down. I can show you,
every little detail, 
of my hometown.
I wont ever let you take my 
burden away from me,
I am the queen,
I wear the everlasting, 
heavy crown.
Until sunrise, until 
your eyes seen too much,
most precious you'll
ever seen.