Why do you hide with your talents or shame, 
When all you need to do is express yourself, oh fame.
Why not show your face and release all your secrets, 
Play the game, oh fame. 
Why not reach for the screens,
News papers, sex tapes, magazines
Oh fame. 
Our mortal lives, you get remembered but they dont really get it,
 its not the same but still, fame, 
oh fame. 

Passenger of life, you cover yourself with lies, oh fame. 
Get an youtube Chanel,
 have a blog,
 have the most good looking flow on socialmedia, 
I try to get the idea of it, 
I follow it cus Im a slave for it,
 oh fame. 

If theres anything that I can blame, 
is the idea of being remembered,
Oh fame
Reality, individuality, conspiracy, desperatily,
 longing for answers, 
My actions My behavior longing for communication, 
I reach out to touch your intellect, of fame, 
Guide me through life and through death,
 all I want is your attention, 
Please release me from this, 
Oh fame