On top of distractions, 
You were you are. 
Crystal skies, lonely star.
Here I am you stole My 
From mountaintops I scream,
I yelled out your name. 
Echoes in My mind, Let me go,
Stay the same, 
Dont feel any shame, 
You are so beautiful,
 into My life I'm so glad you came. 

Sound of My heartbeat, 
longing for My treat. 
Love your style, 
you are welcome take a seat. 
I Love the way you talk,
 stay with me, stay your voice
, dont leave me, you dont have any choice. 

We made it Across the ocean, 
Felt and absorb everything, 
Vibrations Always there, 
Always there lingering. 
I made it through hell and back, 
Still have some burning Marks. 
But hey, 
I see the sunrise, 
I know you are by My side.
Bring me the voice or give me silence,
 i dont mind. 
You are one of a kind. 
Please dont me shy,
 still life is passing by, 
I only bring truth, and no lies.


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