'Well I did once told you, 

You're like cleopatra,'
You reminded me, 
Ruler of beauty 
and forbidden love.
Walking on earth with 
grace and, respected like
The worshipped 
from above.

Still its dangerous, 
to fall down, to fall
too hard.
Even with aces up My sleeve
or secrets buried too deep.
Queen of storms, 
never know when they arrive.
I'll arrive with the rains
and the wind.
Live with yourself or 
with your sin.

Someone called me gypsy, 
with all the dancing 
Lost tamburine, talking
in riddles, able to hide
the fear.
Someone asked me to stay
In rio, 
Someone asked me, 
where have you been? 
You just disappeared.
Bring me a horse and I
Will run up the mountains.
I Will prove what I am, 
and what remains.

Sure I can tell if you're a
Liar or not, I can touch 
your fears and taste your 
I can arrive like a storm,
and be gone for many 

Bring me beauty and truth, 
I can show you the world, 
I can tell you everything,
without using a single word.

Just to be clear, there is no
room for chains. One moment,
I can leave, disappear. 
Maybe if there is too much to
loose, I Will bring My horse, 
Set off and release.
Everything that's left of me, 
Is under the surface of the
Wild sea. 

Give me beauty and truth,
And I Will Embrace that face


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