happy birthday

Got so high from the sugar
you spread around. 
I can still hear a laugh or a 
Cant be still, I move to the music, 
Here and now. Stop.
Silence I see through the eye of the needle, 
Every single sound. 
Get yourself together, with yourself, rebound. 
Only a tiny idea, a seed planted in My mind. 
Everyone love talking about themselves. 
I try to focus, listen, or pretend.
Yes, and that message you tried to send, 
maybe i threw it away, in your life,
dont want to attend.
Happy birthday, or get lost out of My way, 
if you get so blind from your sorrow, 
my Love you do not deserve,
My mind and body out in the sun,
The doctor said, hey you,
Life has only just begun. 



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Så rätt som det kan det bli: Life has only just begun!!
Go for it!

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