Walk alone

Master defender she is,
I am a master pretender, 
I've heard.
Cant control My fate, 
Delete it or change the 
Time is a healer they said, 
You cant Ever control this,
She once said.
I live with My dreams, eyes open,
Far away or close to bed. 
Leave me alone under the stars one night. 
It wasn't worth it,
 My Love or the fight. 
im offering you My smile, i chose to wear tonight, 
Or I buy a one way Ticket to heavensgates, 
Maybe you regret it,
 too late to change a fate. 
I offer you to taste the sweet and bitter fruit, 
Oh I knew from the start, 
you, was you all along i wanted to meet. 
Now I take a bow, wont swallow My pride, 
Keep on dancing, 
Hear My words, step aside, 
My movements are too complex for your simple life. 
I can Walk alone, 
Without being afraid of the night. 


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