Green brown yellow

Your home should fit in your soul,
They say, 
Do what they say and what your told,
I felt it even in the summrbreeze; a tease,a cold.
They say, stay awake stay bold. Open your eyes, your mind.
I dont know what was missing, 
It felt like something was stolen.
That story, 
Long time ago,
I remember the storm, and they say, she's a storm,
Watch out for the storm, step bak, she might be cold, might be warm.
 The reality that felt like a dream,
I was stuck in between, 
Watch over and I leaned in, 
Let me live with sin, 
Somewhere far away, underneath, deep below,
you said My eyes, 
Green brown and yellow.
Take your Pride and swallow.
Dont mind standing alone,
But you can follow,
Take a step back, i say take it slow,
Well,,, I dont know,
The water can be deep or shallow,
In this water I will dive,
Dont smile dont cry,
I might've found THE absolute divine. 

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