Jack in the box

Just like jack in the box,
here I am, showing my face
to a lonely crowd.
Does your eyes carry a soul,
or are you just grey and dull? 

Puppy-eyes stop pretending,
lonely souls start listening,
oh hear the sounds, sweet sounds,
of music, feel it all around.

Embrace me, get under my skin,
I promise, promise deep within,
I'll give you a true smiling grin.
I can truly live, cus I live with my shame and with my sin.

Just like, jack in the box, I cant stay
hidden for too long.
Lonely in my box,
 Ineed to feel like I belong. 
Can you truly understand me, or am I wrong?

Release me, my mind, my volcano mind,
 please meet me, 
be so kind and,
 meet me over the mountains.
I constantly search for the next thrill, 
Just like jack in the box, 
Moving around eventhough Im still.

Surprise surprise, and yes, I had some time to kill. 
Sometimes I try to find the purpose, 
I try to find something worth my time, I used to taste the bitter-sweet wine. 

Oh jack, what do you lack, 
do you have some riddles you want me to crack. 
Oh jack, what do I lack? Can I be gone for a while and 
later come back 


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