Oh, strange she is.
Out here there's something 
you'll miss.
Turn around and I can give you
a kiss, 
Only when you look the other way.

Oh the ocean, the waves, 
If I could only, 
Look the other way.
They have their hands in the air,
Lets in this wave sway.

I can look straight to the beauty
But Oh I must beware,
Can I catch this beauty anyway?

My mind is open and my mouth is shut,
Is my heart strong enough, 
Can I protect it from, 
perhaps a severe cut. 

You found me dreaming, 
Now I dream of you. 
I lean in for a kiss, oh, 
here's something I dont want to miss.
Mam, look out for stranger danger,
Danced barefoot, danced our 
shoes off. 

Keep some distans but please 
come closer, 
She's a stranger, she closes the door
for us. 
Protect yourself before you wreck 
Maybe I'm bad for your health.


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