Left behind

For heavens sake, how
 why and fuck you god damn it. 

When some things ache so much, I cant really stand still and god knows, how much I care. 

I could watch you simple stare. 
One way Ticket to heavensgate.
I gave you my heart, I felt complete, from the very start. 

Everything on a silver plate, you lean in the first time we met. 
Du var det vackraste jag sett. 
Even when I feel my body attached to the cold ground, 
All I wanted was to hear the soothing sound, of a heartbeat. 
I told you that whenever I felt stuck, 
You set me free, 

So much to Discover, to experience, 
Most intense there Will Ever be. 
Its okey, I understand, I loose My mind, the storm comes unannounsed, 
My mind fight against me sometimes.
Between walls I must stay sane. 
When I try to understand it, Try to understand, why I was left behind. 


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