When life aint that bad,
Oh honey dont be sad.

I realized my fucking journey,
My mountains I over came,
From deep within, 
What a fucking woman I became.
I can catch lightning,
I am with the ocean, her inner heart,
I am in this lack of gravity,

Watching over My shoulder,
I still see the mountain tops,
I turn around, I turned around and,
I wont stop walking.
Walking in this desert,
I got exactly what I deserved.
I am burning up inside,
I might never know, might never 
Find out.
But I know, when I find water,
I'll be fine.
I wont try to play nobel but,
I served my fucking time.

I still rushed in, I survived.
Here I am with a sane mind,
Im here and please be so kind,
To catch me when I stumble
And I will always catch you up,
I can always by your back,
Stand behind


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