The seat

Remember hands, remember handshakes, 
Remember eyes in the late night moonlight.
Saw a shadow from the shape, long time ago, 
what a beauty what a sight.
Blinded by your light, the sun so hot, shining bold and bright. 
Keeping a memory close, soothing me to sleep, 
even in sleepless in shapeless nights. 

Oh how I wish that I was as bold, as the morning sun. 
So sure of where to go, even before the day has begun. 
I swore, swore to myself, these streets Will not be the last thing I'll see, 
those eyes wont be the last ones I'll admire, 
I can reach out further, i can blame myself, maybe be a bit protective.
Let me have my grip around my heart, 
hear my voice for a start, give me the chanse to, 
scare you off, take your shoes and clothes off.

Let me sneak out at night, Let me tease you, to believe you are My shining knight. 
I can search for your hand, 
I can Let you bring me back to safety, 
back to land from the angry sea. 
But Let me keep floating, Let me be free. 
Maybe I am too afraid to Let you see My pain. 
Maybe I am too scared to Let you hear about what I felt what I said. 
Maybe I believed that It could be, 
the most beautyful thing ever made. 

It was so real, the way heartbeat, My bodyheat, 
the space for us, to fit hearts between.
Where are you, where have you been, you know I always wondered,
Where is your mind, please I beg, 
be so kind and Let me in. 

Where did you go, where have you been.
 I started to believe I lived with somekind of filth, somekind of guilt. 
Im sorry if I ruined everything we built, 
I guess I couldn't be your girl no more.

I remember that face at the place i used to call home, 
where are you going and I know you're gone but, 
I remember the shape, the handshake the eyes the hug.
You used to be for My mind somekind of a drug. 
I keep on beating, with My own heartbeat, saving an extra seat for someone else, 
For next to me sit


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